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The BQHA Passport & Upgrading to the BQHA Passport

To order a BQHA American Quarter Horse Passport, please contact:  

Phone +32496980530 MON-TUE-THU-FRI  10.00 Hrs to 11.00 Hrs

Mail all documents to:
2230 Herselt

The price of the passport is 78 Euros plus the cost of your US AQHA administration and the cost of  including your horse in the general equine registry in Belgium.  

Voor een BQHA raspaspoort  kan u terecht bij ons als volgt: 

Tel +32496980530 MA-DI-DO-VR van 10 tot 11u

Postbus voor documenten:


2230 Herselt

Een Belgisch Quarter Horse raspaspoort kost 78 Euro, te vermeerderen met de kost van de diensten die u nodig heeft in de VS alsook de registratiekost om uw paard in te brengen in de Belgische database. 

Pour obtenir un passeport belge: 

Tel +32496980530 LU-MAR-JEU-VEN de 10Hrs à 11Hrs

pour envoyer tous les documents:

2230 Herselt

Le prix du passeport 78 Euros en plus les services ce qui concerne les papiers américains et les frais pour introduire votre cheval au logiciels EU. 

If you have a registered Quarter Horse with a generic non-breed passport, this can be upgraded.

In case you wish to upgrade your generic non-breed passport; this can be upgraded if you have a Certificate of Registration of your horse in your name. Dou you wish to upgrade?

An equine passport, combined with the other horse-id requirements, including a microchip, is required by EU laws and regulations.

Every equidae residing in the EU requires a EU recognized passport


Horses in the EU without a passport can be seized by the authorities. Every person responsible for a horse without a passport (not necessarily the owner; can be a trainer, caretaker, transporter, boarding responsible, ... etc.) is held responsible and can be fined and convicted for violating the EU laws and regulations.